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Like the sun

Like the sun, you broke through the darkness and showed me warmth and light   Unlike the sun, you never returned after the night

Like the sun 2016-02-14T03:01:30+00:00

Hold On?

Tell me, that which you're fighting so hard to hold on to, how hard is it fighting to hold on to you...

Hold On? 2016-02-09T18:37:36+00:00

In the cold

Instead of picking it up so quickly, when your heart is dropped and lands in the cold, let it rest for a bit, give it time to slow and heal, and hope that at some point it will warm gradually in the hands of one who truly values it And maybe that one is simply you....

In the cold 2016-02-09T15:11:44+00:00


After awhile After you cling to the words that have been spoken After you learn they mean little After actions show the truth After yours were meant when spoken After you finish asking why and how After you pick yourself up After then you find comfort in isolation  

Isolation 2016-01-31T23:56:41+00:00

Winter Wind

The weather outside is... I was talking to a client and good friend today and mentioned that I was trying to be responsible and for one reason or the other, I hadn't been going up 'on the hill' nearly as much this winter.  The hill is the area called Happy Jack of the Medicine Bow National Forest.  I have actually lived there a couple of

Winter Wind 2017-03-17T16:01:27+00:00

Small and twisted

Today, I was nearly run over by a very tall man trying to get to the cash register, for a moment I not only felt small, I felt invisible.  Thought about that when I spotted this sage, wonder how often it's been passed by or even stepped on.  How often do we look, but not see, not only people, but the world around us, and how

Small and twisted 2017-03-17T16:01:27+00:00

Another Day

Appreciation, beauty, moving forward, another chance... Do you remember? That moment, when you looked at me that way In the hazy light of night When we knew we were seen more clearly than ever before Lured into believing in the promise of a new beginning Nothing else existed and everything was possible Clasping hands with fully meant promises of no longer facing everything alone Then

Another Day 2016-01-06T15:28:22+00:00


You aren't trapped, it's not that the path has ended, if you want to progress badly enough, maybe it's just time to jump in and swim for the other shore...

Jump 2017-03-17T16:01:27+00:00


Lone wanderer, lone mountain, a road less traveled...

Isolation 2017-03-17T16:01:27+00:00
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