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“One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find–– is they are not always with whom we spend our lives” ― Beau Taplin

Spinning 2016-05-21T18:56:01+00:00

Part of the Path

Could have been seen as an obstacle and removed Could have been seen as a resource and used Could have been seen as beautiful and still discarded Instead was seen as wonderfully unique and embraced as part of the path

Part of the Path 2016-05-21T18:53:26+00:00


It takes time, it takes warmth, it takes trust When you've given all those to no avail Sometimes you surround your heart to protect it To protect yourself Knowing you are the only one that can If there is someone who knows what it takes Who sees the value of the treasure hidden in plain sight Who gives the time, offers the warmth, earns the trust

Waiting 2016-03-21T04:44:18+00:00

Tangled Thoughts

I feel my mind must look like this more often than not Twisted, tangled, running in random directions More than a little chaos and confusion Questions, doubts, racing, turning in circles   That bright spot with a bit of light On occasion is where I stop and think of you Not for long as I don't want to give myself a chance to doubt That you ever think of

Tangled Thoughts 2016-03-16T03:09:18+00:00

What Used To Be

Looking back a what used to be, glancing at a memory that's a touch blurry, finding the beauty and a bit of clarity as it rises closer to the surface

What Used To Be 2016-03-13T17:06:12+00:00

What used to be

You burn with an intensity for the one that doesn't know the power of their own flame, fueling them to catch fire once again, to encourage as they see their own brilliance, to watch as others are drawn toward the light you knew was there... Once valued, once treasured, now a shell, left to rebuild and find the energy to ignite yourself again... Only with memories of what

What used to be 2016-03-08T14:47:23+00:00

Seeing differently

I've come to know that what I see and how I see it may not even always make sense to me   "Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue.

Seeing differently 2016-03-05T17:30:00+00:00

Spark of Hope

It's hard to trust that spark of hope in what feels like the never-ending chaos of the night.  

Spark of Hope 2016-02-15T20:30:24+00:00
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