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About the photographer

Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.

My love of photography started early in life.  I remember making a ‘camera’ out of an oatmeal container in elementary school and being fascinated with the results.  Most of my life after that, I was the one of my friends and family with a camera, documenting everything and anything, working on the yearbooks in school, giving copies of the memories of certain moments to those involved, recording family moments that otherwise would have been lost.

After college I moved to Wyoming, leaving behind most everything that was familiar and photography became a way to share my life with family and friends.  Although that continues to be a big part of what and why I take photographs, I have noticed that something has also changed.  When I am behind the camera, that is one of the few times that everything else stops, when I am just in the moment, when any and all confusion that may be on my mind, ceases.  There is a freedom in being behind the camera, the questions asked of you are different, the answers a bit less complicated.

What comes out of some of those instances can even surprise me.  In embracing this change, I had to work a bit to get myself past that strange feeling of letting everyone see the world as I do, and now try to focus on the joy it can bring, even when what I saw is totally different from what others see in the finished work.  I have found a sense of belonging behind the camera and look forward to seeing where it takes me next.

I continue on my solo journey, taking the opportunity to bring others along in a sense, to see the world through my eyes, and maybe in a small measure inspire them to take that step out and experience something new.

Thank you for taking a moment to step out with me.


Portrait taken and provided by Paul Howard (http://www.paulhowardphoto.com/)


While planning your next adventure, come along on a few of mine.  Tour my blog to see images currently available for purchase (visit the contact me page for information)!


Just a heads up, I tend to…                     SQUIRREL!                                    What were we talking about?

Welcome to my mind.

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